Ruud de Jong MSc

Software DeveloperCurrent

Instituut voor de Nederlandse taal (Dutch Language Institute)

The Dutch Language Institute provides tools, answers and data regarding the Dutch Language to researchers, authors and other users in the entire Dutch language region. As a software developer, I built and maintain the websites and tools that showcase our knowledge. I'm involved in a diverse set of fields, ranging from optical character recognition (OCR) to digital dictionaries and from internal tooling to UI/UX design.

Research Assistant

TECFA (Technologies de Formation et Apprentissage), Université de Genève

Project: Carezheimer

In continuation of my work at the POSTHCARD project, I joined the University of Geneva to work on the 'narrative engine' used to generate the dynamic storyline in the Alzheimer Care Trainer. The narrative engine is based on Java and the rule engine Drools. My work also includes some Unity development and general devops. Meanwhile, I also continue working on the Natural Language Generation.

Junior Researcher

Human Media Interaction, University of Twente


I was responsible for the Natural Language Generation in the POSTHCARD project. The project contains a simulation of Alzheimer patients to train their care givers. It requires a templating language that allows the authors to write text that will be generated dynamically.
I was also involved in API design, UI/UX design and web development.
More info in my POSTHCARD blog posts and Alzheimer Care Trainer.

MSc Human Media Interaction

Human Media Interaction (now I-Tech), University of Twente

Thesis: SimpleNLG-NL: Natural Language Generation for Dutch

Human Media Interaction, since then restructured into Interaction Technology (I-Tech), is a broad study covering topics like human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction and human-centered design.

BSc Creative Technology

Creative Technology, University of Twente

Thesis: Open, Sesame! Creating a new search interface for the Dutch Folktale Database


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